RapidSpike Website

RapidSpike is a cloud-based service that allows IT teams to be certain that their critical online applications/websites are working as they should.

In short, RapidSpike monitors, measures and secures connected applications. So from one dashboard RapidSpike checks all the critical parts of the application ecosystem for uptime, performance and security. It also checks additional dependencies such as the SSL and Domain expiry and many more.

The key service differentiator is the combination of Uptime, Synthetic Monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning in a single platform. In addition, RapidSpike also provides penetration testing and managed synthetic user journeys to support the platform offering.

Data Protection People Website

Data Protection People are Specialists in Data Protection. The company has over twelve years of practical experience helping organisations of all sizes reduce data privacy risk. The company primarily provides Data Protection Consultancy and Managed Services and aims to help organisations reduce the risk of non-compliance.

The company ethos is to treat data as the asset that it is and helps its clients get the best value from their data. The team strives to ensure the protection of data but also its availability and aims to create an environment in which it is always processed legally.

Data Protection People also develop and support DataWise, a purpose-built platform for managing data privacy.

Info Security People Website

InfoSecurity People is a new breed of security provider that's focused on resolving the security challenges facing small to medium enterprises in today's ever changing security threat landscape.

As computing shifts to the cloud, traditional network and datacenter centric security models are failing so a new more realistic and practical approach is needed.

At the heart of the company ethos is the belief that the endpoint is the new perimeter. As such InfoSecurity People have built a modular service platform to help organisations of all sizes improve and maintain a secure endpoint posture and network perimeter.

Pentest People Website

Pentest People aims to be the UK market leader in security testing services and has developed a SecurePortal to enable businesses to monitor risk and threats on an ongoing basis.

Pentest People has a growing national and international client base including major enterprises and local government organisations and it plays an active role in the security community.

Pentest People services are delivered by a dedicated in-house team lead by Andrew Mason and Gavin Watson. Both are industry leading security professionals and noted authors. SecurePortal is the cornerstone of the service offering and is designed and owned by Pentest People.